"Word Coding is King". The key to edge your brand in front of the pack is to offer dynamic, engaging, original "word coded" content that will catch the all mighty "eye" of Artificial Intelligence to earn Google's holy grail: the elusive first-page rank that everyone is looking for, but very few attain. I am the writer extraordinaire, who caught the attention of Google's Hummingbird algorithm, with the little AI bird nesting my article one branch below Vogue, and one branch above Vanity Fair. Along with creating an online magazine, The Cherie Bomb, I run my own writing and content creation service—The Cherie Bomb Editorial Services. Companies often contact me to help them with SEO for a top Google rank. My answer remains: You must hire an expert writer who word codes. Without top-drawer writing, your recipe to success is missing a key ingredient, and the "dough" will never rise.

I am an accomplished editor, content creator and copywriter with published work in digital and print. I produced and reported local, national, and international news live for KPFK radio in L.A. My writing began to be published while I was an undergrad, and upon graduating from Berkeley, I was chosen to edit Hillary Clinton's column at Creators Syndicate. Read more about my experience on my "About Me" page and peruse through my journalism and copywriting to see if we are a good fit to create beautfiul content together!

I will elevate your content

Why Work With Me?

For businesses and brands in the modern digital era, there are two things to know:

1) Words convert to currency.

2) Writing is an art form.

With over a decade of copywriting and content creation under my belt, bolstered by a degree from one of the elite six universities in the world (Go Bears!), I pride myself in providing prime, blue-chip content for my clients that is honed from my experience, formal journalism training and education, which has resulted in expertise and proven accomplishments in the digital era.

With only seconds to retain a visitor on your site, your copy can exhibit your value to the reader, or it can undermine all your hard work in the blink of an eye. I convert readers into customers and clients, inspiring them to act with meaningful content that resonates and connects them to your story or your brand.


I understand how highly competitive the market can be in a sea of competition in the age of Google and the Internet. I will help you reach your loftiest goals by delivering premium writing that gets you more traffic, leads and sales, ensuring you stand out in the crowd with some of the services below:

  • Provide business and personal brand website content, including corporate bios, About pages, and Mission, Vision, and Values statements.
  • WordPress: write, edit, and publish content with images and video, or content management (set up, build, and manage site).
  • AP Style
  • Write new blog posts, revitalize older posts, or provide full, dynamic blog website content.
  • Produce newsletters.
  • Build and manage social media pages.
  • Tell your brand’s story or revitalize an out-of-date brand story.
  • Journalism articles (feature stories, long form interviews, press releases, bios or profile feature stories, music reviews or music artist/band interviews, fashion pieces, investigative journalism, political (news or op-ed), society, science, tech, and more).
  • Technical writing
  • Proofreading, Editing
  • Health and medical copywriting

Get in touch—I would love to learn about your content objectives to see if we'd make a great team.

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