"Word Coding is King". The key to edge your brand in front of the pack is to offer dynamic, engaging, original "word coded" content that will catch the all mighty "eye" of Artificial Intelligence to earn Google's holy grail: the elusive first-page rank that everyone is looking for, but very few attain. I am the writer extraordinaire, who caught the attention of Google's Hummingbird algorithm, with the little AI bird nesting my article one branch below Vogue, and one branch above Vanity Fair. Along with creating an online magazine, The Cherie Bomb, I run my own writing and content creation service—The Cherie Bomb Editorial Services. Companies often contact me to help them with SEO for a top Google rank. My answer remains: You must hire an expert writer who word codes. Without top-drawer writing, your recipe to success is missing a key ingredient, and the "dough" will never rise.

I am an accomplished editor, content creator and copywriter with published work in digital and print. I produced and reported local, national, and international news live for KPFK radio in L.A. My writing began to be published while I was an undergrad, and upon graduating from Berkeley, I was chosen to edit Hillary Clinton's column at Creators Syndicate. Read more about my experience on my "About Me" page and peruse through my journalism and copywriting to see if we are a good fit to create beautfiul content together!

About – Suhaila Sabir Realty

Provided all content for this real estate agent website: Excerpt: This beautiful quote by the late poet, Maya Angelou, is the guiding business principle for Suhaila Sabir when she partners with clients to help them reach their real estate dreams and goals. Suhaila has built a personal brand over the last 16 years that proves there are agents who truly care about their clients and want to build relationships for life, while at the same time building a solid reputation as a top producing, multi-million agent.

Balanced Life Institute | Eastern-Western Integrative Medical Wellness Clinic

Provided written content for entire voluminous website: Excerpt: At Balanced Life Institute, we couple 4,000-year-old Eastern wisdom and modern Western medicine with the latest technologies and scientific discoveries – all under one roof. Through our clinical services you get the life changing experience to prevent, restore and rejuvenate your body-mind health and beauty through our unique combination of advanced Medical technology and ancient medicine. Dr. Padrad, LAc., DAOM is the founder and president of Balanced Life Institute.

A French Style Revolution in The City of Bell Led by a Modern-Day Joan of Arc

From corruption arises justice. From justice arises revolution. From revolution arises democracy. This is the backdrop from which an unknown local resident rose up to meet the overt and shameless corruption in a small town southeast of Los Angeles. In September 2010, eight City of Bell council members were arrested and charged with corruption, accused of embezzling $5.6 million, rigging elections, voter fraud, violation of civil rights and stealing millions more through secreted funds. This narrative has been replayed throughout the ages, but what makes this story different is that the most qualified person — a young woman — who helped lead the uprising just happened to be living in the area at the time of the crises. As Woody Allen wrote for his character “Chris Wilton” in the film “Match Point”, “ … I’d rather be lucky than good… .” Not that Ana Maria Quintana isn’t good, but more importantly, the City of Bell is lucky.

COPYWRITING | Realtor: My Storytelling-Style Bio Garnered My Young Client Her 1st Million-Dollar Sale.

I wrote the top biographical portion of this "Voyage LA" article about Los Angeles realtor, Joanna Segoviano, the owner of the home staging company Viano Decor. My Urging To Tell Use Storytelling In Her Realtor Bio Vs. A Formulaic Corporate-Style Bio Snagged This Young Client Her 1st Million-Dollar Sale! (Provided all written content for this realtor branding website) | This is one of my favorite corporate pieces because it has a Cinderella aspect to it, as well as a few life lessons about following your dreams and trusting your instinct. Joanna Segoviano, young and new to the real estate game, was among several real estate agents vying to be hired by a seller with a million-dollar property. The seller interviewed several agents, but with less than two years in real estate, Joanna was sure he’d choose one of the industry veterans who'd already had many complex million-dollar sales under their belts. She was amazed when she got a call from the seller letting her know that he selected her! He said, "It was your bio that got you the job." After much back-and-forth discussion with the branding agency I work with, I made a case for it being crucial that Joanna's bio mention her goal of becoming mayor of Los Angeles one day, and how this lofty goal drives her pursuit of excellence in everything she does. Not only did the seller hire her, he told he had worked for decades in politics and was a key player in electing the late Tom Bradley, one of Los Angeles' most beloved mayors, and that after the sale, he would introduce her to all the L.A. politicos she needed to know in order to build her way to becoming mayor of Los Angeles. Congratulations, Joanna!

Simply Nutrition Website

I wrote website content for Stacey Pothier, owner and founder of Simply Nutrition. Excerpt: Stacey specializes in one-on-one, in-depth, individualized and lifestyle-tailored wellness plans that focus on optimal health for the whole-person. She combines blood type specific eating plans with genetic specific supplementation along with identifying triggers and patterns of the individual’s food issues to help her clients reach optimal health and weight.

Marisela Bonilla Bio | Legal Team Staff | Lopez Law Group

Working in corporate law had its prestige and victories, and Marisela was thriving and successful, but something was amiss. Helping multi-million-dollar corporations or wealthy insurance companies win high-profile cases wasn’t fulfilling Marisela, and she never went to sleep at night with a good feeling. It was her father who encouraged her to soul search and find a firm that better fit her humanistic worldview. Today, at Lopez Law Group, Marisela has found her calling making a difference by changing family’s lives every day with her legal experience, passion and dedication. She says, “Now, when I go to sleep at night, I’m comfortable knowing that I helped to change a family’s future.” In addition to her compassionate outlook, spirited work ethic and strong leadership skills, Marisela created a meticulous system for handling a client’s file. “We’re very strict about consistency and sticking to the system that’s been developed, so that every aspect of a file is handled inside out, from A to Z. Sticking to the firm’s system ensures every client’s case is handled thoroughly and efficiently, resulting in maximum recovery for the client.”

Google Ranked My Article at #2, one spot below #1 Vogue and above #3 Vanity Fair

My personal blog article, "Street Style: The Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Look" earned a "First Page Google Ranking" at #2, one spot below #1 VOGUE and above the Madison Avenue journalistic juggernauts VANITY FAIR, HARPER'S BAZAAR, WALL STREET JOURNAL, ELLE, TOWN & COUNTRY and HUFFINGTON POST when writing about the same topic. ** Article held the #2 spot for five years, from 2013 to 2018 ** Some people aren't sure how this is important. Here's a rundown on why a Top, First-Page Google Rank is an accomplishment that is hard to earn: With more than 4 million blog posts per day vying for a first-page ranking, Google's complex and ever-elusive "Rank Brain" algorithm indexed my writing at #2 — just one slot below #1 Vogue — and above the Madison Avenue journalistic giants mentioned above. I held steady the #2 spot, under Vogue magazine for an unprecedented five years, from 2013-2018, and over the world's most well known and highly marketed fashion publications. The ranking is given by Artificial Intelligence, so it is not biased by human factors. So with over a billions websites, and millions of post per day, Google believes you're the best in the world for this topic if they place you on Page 1—because no one goes to Google's Page 2. There are thousands of articles written on "How to rank on the first Google page" and "Proven Method to Ranking on the First Page of Google", etc. and I am proof that SEO, AdWords and all those “bags of digital tricks” will never replace Good, Old Fashioned, High-Quality, Original-Thought, WRITING. When you write from your heart and sense of truth, rather than thinking of "key words" and SEO, you will find yourself sitting next to Anna Wintour—maybe not front row at fashion week, but certainly on Google's front row!

About Octavio Lopez | Personal Injury Attorneys | Lopez Law Group

Created written content for this law firm, along with attorney and legal team bios: Excerpt: One cannot truly know Octavio without knowing about his love of basketball, so much so that it’s become a yearly tradition for Octavio and his cousin to travel to Las Vegas every weekend during March Madness. It’s often written that sports builds integrity and character, so it’s plain to see how basketball invokes the same framework in which Octavio guides his team and manages his firm, applying this Kobe Bryant credo to to his office culture: “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it’s sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot.” The Lopez Law Group is the legal team that will get you the win you deserve.

COPYWRITING: Ultra-Luxury Windows & Doors by C Clear Custom

Provided all content, as well as complex technical writing, for this website. Excerpt: The luxe mansions and vacation homes of the world’s top stars and business moguls feature door and window designs that are not just opulent, but are complicated architectural puzzles that can result in a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge work of art. C Clear is proud to be part of the visionary teams that have fulfilled the architectural dreams for the homes of LeBron James, Wolfgang Puck and the owner of Peter Piper Pizza, to name a few.

MTV online added my hip-hop infused article, a roundup of the week in American politics, as their “Top Story of the Day”

"Guru’s Jazzmatazz: It’s Time To Mellow And Lounge After A 24-Hour Ride On The American Political Rollercoaster." MTV online added my hip-hop infused personal website article “Round-Up Of The Week In Politics” for their nationwide content as “Top Story of the Day”, which they viewed as a way for politics to resonate with young people. My blog article rounded up the pivotal events of the week including, The Supreme Court's decisions to void a central part of the Voting Rights Act; dismissing the Prop 8 appeal, paving the way for same-sex marriages to continue in California; and DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act), where the court ruled that legally married same-sex couples would now be entitled to the same federal benefits as married, opposite sex couples. Sandwiched between the SCOTUS rulings, was a section on Texas Senator Wendy Davis' herculean, one-woman, 11-hour filibuster to draconian and sweeping restrictions on women's reproductive rights. Article was fused hip-hop vernacular, enveloped into the mood of hip-hop legend Guru's "Loungin" from his seminal album "Jazzmatazz Volume 1".

Brochure for Ultra-Luxury, Custom Home Window & Door Company C Clear (1)

COPYWRITING: Created original content for C Clear Custom website and this brochure. C Clear is an artisan window glazing company that installs super-custom architectural, high end, ultra-luxury, imagination-defying windows and doors for some of the world's most renowned companies, organizations and public figures, including the custom homes of LeBron James and Wolfgang Puck. As an example, one large window that C Clear installs starts in the range of $45 thousand dollars. Full C Clear website link can be found on this portfolio page. (this is the front side of the company brochure)

Tri-fold Brochure for Ultra-Luxury, Custom Home Window & Door Company C Clear (Page 2)

COPYWRITING: Created original content for C Clear Custom website and this brochure. C Clear is an artisan window glazing company that installs super-custom architectural, high end, ultra-luxury, imagination-defying windows and doors for some of the world's most renowned companies, organizations and public figures, including the custom homes of LeBron James and Wolfgang Puck. As an example, one large window that C Clear installs starts in the range of $45 thousand dollars. (this is the backside of the brochure)

See Graham Nash's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Treasures

(EDITOR for this Rolling Stone magazine article) Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has launched "Touching the Flame," an exhibition of more than 140 objects chronicling the life in music and art of rock legend Graham Nash, from his fledgling years in skiffle bands in the north of England, through his breakthrough with the Hollies and his decades-long journey with Crosby, Stills, Nash and (sometimes) Young. Drawn from Nash's personal collection, and including items from the museum's archive and loans from friends, the exhibition

The 'Rumours' Are True: Bruce Cockburn on His New Memoir

(EDITOR for this Rolling Stone magazine article) When many artists visit New York, they stay at downtown hotels like the Mondrian or the Bowery. Bruce Cockburn stays nearby at the Soho Holiday Inn. In town to launch his new memoir, Rumours of Glory, with a concert and book signing, the iconoclastic singer-songwriter arrives in the lobby wearing a modest outfit of black pants, black combat boots and a long black coat. "This is not your standard rock & roll memoir," Cockburn writes in the book's preface. "You won't find me snorting coke with th

COVER STORY for NEW CITY MAGAZINE: Young Leaders Point Kids in a New Direction

My article earned the cover of New City Magazine | Copies of the publication have been acquired by Stanford University for their historical archives. | As an undergrad, for two years, I was a paid journalist/reporter at this multilingual magazine highlighting inspiring, empowering stories from the Latino, Armenian, Vietnamese and Russian immigrant neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Every story in "New City" was translated into Spanish, Armenian, Vietnamese or Russian, ensuring that immigrant readers were not excluded from the stories about their communities.

L.A.’s Untold History Unfolds: Chicana Artist Barbara Carrasco’s Acclaimed Mural Is On Exhibit in Los Angeles

It was a privilege to attend the press preview of renowned Mexican American artist Barbara Carrasco’s jaw-dropping, stunning 43-panel, 80-foot mural “L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective”, which has only been seen in public two times in nearly 40 years, its first time in a museum. It is most fitting that this article is published on International Women’s Day, as Carrasco is considered a “renegade feminist” whose work critiques dominant cultural stereotypes involving socioeconomics, race, gender.
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